Continuing Our Work with De Marillac Academy

Continuing Our Work with De Marillac Academy

By Alex Neidenberg

“It’s so inspiring to see our kids eating right and taking care of themselves, and we have Leah’s Pantry to thank for that. Our students can’t wait to take the class—they’re so grateful to learn new options for eating healthy.” – Gino Altamura, Enrichment Program Coordinator

Leah’s Pantry has been given the opportunity to continue our relationship with the innovative and dynamic school, De Marillac Academy. Our long-standing partnership with the tuition-free school has given us the opportunity to work with vulnerable youth and families in the Tenderloin neighborhood.

Tuna Salad with Pears from The Tenderloin Cooking School: Smart Meals for Small Spaces

In our classes, we strive to make cooking and nutrition fun for our middle school students. Last week, we made a healthy sweet corn salad from our recently published cookbook. This week, we will discuss the importance of a colorful plate and how to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your daily life. The nutritious recipe of the week will be our no mayonnaise Tuna Salad with Pears. Check out these recipes and more on EatFresh.org.