Design Jam

Design Jam

By Adrienne Markworth

How do we solve the persistent problems of food insecurity in the Tenderloin and Mid-Market Regions? As explained in the last post, the SF Dept of Innovation (part of the Mayor’s Office) has teamed up with Mind Mixer, the HUB, Adaptive Path, Zen Desk (and others) to create ImproveSF, a website designed to publicly incubate ideas about increasing food access, etc. in this area.

I was asked to be an “expert” contributor to a Design Jam held last Saturday. This project was intended to bring together designers, residents, and other community members to thoughtfully design solutions that could correct this difficult issue.

I enjoyed the day. I was able to provide some context and a lot of information about existing resources and collaborations. In exchange, I participated in the design process (unfamiliar to me – we tend to shoot from the hip (or grant) here in the NP world.)