EatFresh.org Mini Course Testing

EatFresh.org Mini Course Testing

The EatFresh.org Mini Course in up and running! Access this SNAP-Ed online nutrition class by clicking on the button that reads “Take the free EatFresh.org Mini Course” from the EatFresh.org homepage.

In total there are three courses which each contain five classes on a variety of nutrition and health topics. Currently only the first course is online. We will be adding the other two courses, and the Mini Course in Spanish, in Spring 2016.

We have tested the course with community partners in San Francisco and San Diego counties. As of December 1st, 81 people have completed the course. All participants have said they learned something from the course and enjoyed taking it, especially how much sugar is in their drinks. We are working to simplify the account creation and course registration process to make it as accessible as possible for people with varying levels of computer literacy. Unfortunately online educational platforms can be quite clunky, but we are dedicated to decreasing barriers to participation and learning a lot in the process!

Please let us know if you are interested in testing the EatFresh.org Mini Course at your site.  We will be hosting a webinar on Friday, January 29th from 10:00 – 10:45am about the EatFresh.org Mini Course and how to incorporate it into your programing.