Expanding EatFresh.org Reach to CalFresh Eligibility Workers

Expanding EatFresh.org Reach to CalFresh Eligibility Workers

By Erin Franey

This month I spent a day at the CalFresh offices at 8th and Mission presenting EatFresh.org to eligibility workers and getting their feedback about the website.

First, the CalFresh offices have recently undergone renovation and look great! The lobby is spacious and much more comfortable for folks waiting for services. Second, the staff who help low-income San Franciscans apply for CalFresh and access their benefits are a committed, thoughtful, and candid group. They had lots of ideas about how to promote EatFresh to clients, from hanging posters in the lobby, tabling with healthy EatFresh recipe samples like spring spread or Moroccan carrot salad, and encouraging people to check out EatFresh and its available resources while waiting for their paperwork to process.

All responded positively to EatFresh and saw how it could be a helpful resource to the people they interact with everyday. I’m looking forward to tabling at the CalFresh lobby in the months ahead and implementing other ideas the eligibility workers had for promoting EatFresh.