Feeding Potrero: Promoting Well-being Through Food and Nutrition

Feeding Potrero: Promoting Well-being Through Food and Nutrition

By Monica Bhagwan

Feeding PotreroLast fall, Leah’s Pantry launched a partnership with Bridge Housing at Rebuild Potrero, a Hope-SF project to renovate Potrero Hill public housing into a vibrant and healthy community. Dubbed “Feeding Potrero,” this unique initiative seeks to promote community well-being through food and nutrition.

In collaboration with the Bridge community re-development team, Leah’s Pantry trained, carefully selected, and hired a catering squad consisting of residents who prepare a communal dinner for the Healthy Generations Project Laid-Back Night family program. Every Wednesday, our staff leads the squad in cooking a nutritious, hearty and family-friendly meal featuring organic produce donated from FarmBox SF. Some of the favorite items on the menu are: Beef and Vegetable Shepherd’s Pie, Pasta with Pesto, Tomatoes and Roasted Chicken, and Egg and Veggie Burritos.

The excitement and momentum around this program has been building since its launch in September. Experiencing a well-prepared and wholesome meal leaves diners feeling nourished and well cared for.

Leah’s Pantry is extremely excited to help support the goals of the Healthy Generations Project: to provide tools for parents to reduce the health impact of toxic stress.