Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday. To donate to Leah’s Pantry go to our facebook fundraiser here:

2021 was a year like no other. As the nutrition and food security community “normalized” to the uncertainty and frustration of COVID-19, we also found our footing. Creating space for conversations about self-care, historical trauma, and trauma-informed systems intersected meaningfully with national conversations about race, justice, and health equity. Through our training programs and collaborative efforts, we discussed these overwhelming concepts by investigating the meaning of food in our lives. This lens put into focus both the myriad adversity we contend with as individuals and communities, but also our capacity for joy, resilience, and repair.

It’s amazing that we forged deep connections with one another through computer screens. To me, it demonstrates the readiness and enthusiasm to dive into an innovative new phase of our collective work. I believe we have reached a tipping point; the bravery to discuss hard things and challenge long-held assumptions is everywhere. I end the year tired but optimistic.

If you are called to donate this year, please consider Leah’s Pantry. For fifteen years (!) we have created impact through a portfolio of projects that engage individuals, organizations, and systems. We believe meaningful relationships, imagination and innovation, trust, and deep listening to the diverse voices of our communities will create the healthy future we all deserve. Join our community and invest in our shared future.

Adrienne Markworth

Executive Director