Imperfect’s Perfect Impact at Feeding Potrero

Imperfect’s Perfect Impact at Feeding Potrero

Each week for the past year, Leah’s Pantry has received 6-8 boxes of fresh produce from Imperfect Produce. We have used the produce for our cooking and nutrition workshops and distributed it to eager clients in public housing, a women’s rehabilitation residence, SROs (Single Room Occupancy Hotels), and senior centers. Our Feeding Potrero program has been most impacted by this generous donation.

Imperfect's Perfect Impact at Feeding Potrero

Since August 2014, Leah’s Pantry has trained and hired residents of Potrero Annex and Terraces, a public housing community, to be part of the Feeding Potrero catering team. Most residents are very low-income and the community itself is not close to a grocery store. These challenges make access to healthy food and fresh produce very difficult for most. The catering team prepares 40 meals per week for two nights of family bonding activities. The meals model good nutrition and increase the families’ exposure and access to healthy, body and brain-building foods in a positive and supportive environment. At least three types of vegetables and fruit are served each night. Many community members have reported that trying the wholesome, plant-based meals that are carefully and deliciously prepared, has increased their family’s preferences for healthy foods like kale, green salad, broccoli, and cabbage. Some children have declared that they love salad! (An Imperfect miracle!) The catering team also reports that handling and learning how to cook a variety of produce has significantly increased their willingness to eat more healthfully. Furthermore, the residents excitedly take home a wide variety of produce to prepare at home after they have tasted how good it can be.

Being able to link families to a regular supply of fresh produce has gone a long way to reinforcing the healthy habits they have been exposed to at the community dinners. Thanks a million for your generous and impactful donation!