Looking Back and Planning Ahead

Looking Back and Planning Ahead

Happy New Year! We hope that 2017 has started off well for you. Transitioning to a new year always inspires some reflection and looking ahead at Leah’s Pantry. As such, we want to share some of our 2016 highlights, along with some upcoming work that we’re particularly excited about.

Adrienne with API Youth

2016 Highlights:

  • Our user base for Eatfresh.org, our online cooking resource, grew from last year by 168%. The site had over 100,000 viewers!
  • We received an American Public Health Association award for our Eatfresh.org Mini-Course, our self-guided online nutrition classes. Over 40 programs across California have adopted this course so far this year.
  • We continued to build our large network of “Food Smart” organizations through our train-the-trainer projects. Last year, we trained over 100 individuals from partner agencies across California. We value the opportunity to expand our impact by providing our partners with the nutrition resources they need to reach their clients.

2017 What’s to Come:

  • The publication of two new cookbooks! We’ve been working closely with groups of Samoan, Tongan, Hawaiian, Marshallese, and San Diego-based Native American populations to create delicious, easy and affordable recipes.
  • Imperfect Produce is donating over 12,000 pounds of produce to our programs in San Francisco. This means that all of our workshop participants will receive fresh produce for specific Eatfresh.org recipes every class.
  • Increased involvement in our San Diego County food recovery efforts. As a member of the San Diego Food Systems Alliance, we are advocating for a technology-based, county-wide food recovery solution that prioritizes the distribution of healthier prepared foods.
  • The continued expansion of Eatfresh.org as the nation’s premier online nutrition education solution. It’s taking over the world, one kitchen at a time.
  • The development and implementation of trauma-informed nutrition programs that take a deeper look at the relationships between trauma, food, and healing.

Questions about our work and/or interested in getting involved? Contact us.

May 2017 be a happy, healthy, and delicious year for you!