Pantry Spotlight: Community Resource Center in Encinitas, CA

Pantry Spotlight: Community Resource Center in Encinitas, CA

CRC - Gold NPP

Pantry at a Glance: Client choice distribution serving 350 participants monthly through a permanently designated area of the resource center in Encinitas, California.

Nutrition Pantry Accomplishments

Through the NPP process, CRC identified a list of steps to integrate into their program including:

  • Additional refrigerator for ready-to-eat items
  • A recipe card rack for easier access to nutrition education resources
  • Development and implementation of dietary one-pagers to better meet client needs
  • Completion of training on EatFresh.org and the EatFresh.org Mini Course
  • Environmental changes to support the identification of healthiest items

“Both our volunteers and participants are very happy with the outcome of NPP. We now have a great deal of nutrition education resources, a new refrigeration unit to house more fresh food, and an onsite garden!”
— Yanira Frias, Food and Nutrition Program Manager

Why NPP?

CRC was introduced to Leah’s Pantry and NPP through the San Diego Food System Alliance’s new refrigeration unit mini-grant. Food and Nutrition Program Manager Yanira Frias says CRC is committed to improving food and nutrition centered practices and specifically aims to add a deep layer of nutrition education alongside food distribution. NPP provided a process and support to assist in achieving these goals.

Moving Forward

Frias says CRC would love to have more gardening space to grow produce, for which participants and volunteers would help maintain and care. CRC would also like to have access to a cooking facility/kitchen to host cooking workshops and meal preparation.