Barrio Botany
Barrio Botany

Barrio Botany

Program Overview

Barrio Botany provides urban San Diego school students with garden-based experiential learning opportunities that improve academic achievement, enhance environmental literacy and inspire lifelong health and wellness. Our vision is of empowered, capable students taking the lead in transforming polluted, economically depressed neighborhoods into vibrant communities that nurture thriving families.

What we do: We’re providing garden development support to schools in high-poverty, low opportunity neighborhoods. We’re delivering in-depth garden science and nutrition education at five urban schools. We host special events throughout the year to deepen experience in the garden and applications to school curriculum. We’re adapting trauma-informed practices to build resilience and self-efficacy in students. We’re convening and training educators to introduce and sustain garden programming at their schools. We’re empowering families and neighborhood residents to grow their own food.

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