Teaming Up With the Healthy Family Project in Sacramento

Teaming Up With the Healthy Family Project in Sacramento

By Erin Franey

On Friday, December 5th I participated in the Healthy Family Project’s monthly nutrition education and food bank distribution event at Elder Creek Elementary. The ongoing collaboration between organizations at Elder Creek highlights great work being done in Sacramento to meet the needs of the most food-insecure families.

As parents and children arrived, I introduced the Healthy Family website and got everyone talking about foods they like to cook with their family. They discussed the importance of eating a colorful variety of fruits and veggies, which led to looking up foods like eggplant and kale on EatFresh to learn more about their nutritional benefits and good recipes to make using them.

The morning ended with a spring spread sample, which everyone loved. Parents then picked up their food next door while holiday music played and Sacramento START staff chatted with parents.

Overall it was a fun and full day, and I look forward to continue working with Sacramento START to connect families with EatFresh.