CFHL Learning Collaborative

CFHL Learning Collaborative

Apply below to be considered for our upcoming Learning Collaborative.

Apply below if your organization would like to participate in the Trauma-Informed Learning Collaborative, facilitated by Leah’s Pantry. This collaborative will include up to ten organizational teams. Teams must have at least two participating staff but three is highly encouraged.

All teams will build capacity to implement programs in alignment with trauma-informed principles, and work on a specific program/project of their choice over the course of the Collaborative.

In addition to six live Zoom sessions, please anticipate 1.5 hours of self-paced and team work between each session, which will include occasional meetings with the Leah’s Pantry team. All self-paced work will be completed on our training platform, TalentLMS.

The goals of this collaborative are to:  

  1. Build capacity to implement community nutrition programs that uphold trauma-informed principles and incorporate the science of trauma and resilience.
  2. Deepen relationships between CalFresh Healthy Living-funded organizations.
  3. Strengthen trauma-informed organizational processes within participating organizations, and document tangible examples of trauma-informed programming within the CFHL network.
  4. Work as organizational teams to plan, develop, and implement team projects. 

Session Topics 

  • Introduction to a Trauma-Informed Approach to Nutrition Security 
  • Building Programs with a Trauma-Informed Lens 
  • Developing Trauma-Informed Organizations 
  • Committing to Trauma-Informed Change 
  • Trauma-Informed Communication and Stakeholder Engagement 
  • Final Presentations 

What is the team project?

  1. Choose either an existing program that could benefit from a new perspective, or begin a new program or initiative. 
  2. Between collaborative meetings, work with your team to complete short monthly homework assignments and check-in with Leah’s Pantry trainers
  3. Incorporate knowledge and skills gained during the learning collaborative and feedback from peers to develop your project.
  4. Present your project to the group during the final session.

Examples of team projects from previous years include: 

  • Plans to introduce trauma-informed principles to staff and volunteers through a series of internal trainings. 
  • Develop and open a client-choice pantry. 
  • Increase community and client feedback within an established food distribution. 
  • Understand and translate trauma-informed concepts in different cultural contexts. 
  • Data assessment of distribution walkability. 
  • Develop trauma-informed onboarding process for new team members.

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CFHL Learning Collaborative

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