Food Smarts: Waste Reduction Facilitator Training

Food Smarts: Waste Reduction Facilitator Training


What you’ll learn in this training: 

  • How to use the Food Smarts: Waste Reduction three-week lesson plans
  • Available curriculum materials and workshop resources
  • Virtual and in-person modifications

Audience: For agency staff, volunteers, and community leaders

Materials: Participants receive access to digital copies of instructor guides and workbooks. Printed copies can be purchased separately. Lesson plans are embedded within the current Food Smarts Adult Instructor Guide.

Pre-requisite: None, but completing the Food Smarts Training Program is recommended.

Training Hours: The online, self-paced course will take approximately two hours to complete and must be completed prior to the 1.5-hour live (virtual) session offered once per quarter.  The next live session will be November 7, 2023, from 10-11:30 a.m. PDT.  The online course will open in mid-October.

Note for CalFresh Healthy Living Participants:  Please visit the new CFHL Statewide Training platform to register for this training.  Email CFHLStatewideTraining@leahspantry.org if you need assistance.