Around the Table
Around the Table

Around the Table

Around the Table is part of the USDA’s national SNAP-Ed Toolkit — a one-stop shop for organizations committed to improve nutritional health in their communities.

Program Overview

Around the Table and Around the Table: Nourishing Families (preview) are designed to build food, nutrition, and cooking literacy, while integrating social emotional learning and using trauma-sensitive facilitation. Participants enjoy hands-on cooking, facilitated conversations, and interactive activities that support healthy connections to food, self, and community.

  • Around the Table is a six-week youth and young adult curriculum designed for groups of 7-15 youth, aged 14-21.
  • Around the Table: Nourishing Families is a six-week adult curriculum designed for groups of 10-14 adults raising children.
  • Two facilitators are recommended.
  • A kitchen or community space with room for hands-on food preparation is required.
  • Approved for use in California’s CalFresh Healthy Living Program (SNAP-Ed).

These programs prioritize:

  • Relationship building
  • Joyful experiences
  • Safety and trust
  • Empowerment and self care

Participants learn to:

  • Cook and eat together
  • Share memories and stories about food
  • Explore their personal relationship to food
  • Improve cooking and food resource management skills
  • Learn about nutrition for good physical and mental health
  • Explore healthy coping and self nourishment skills
  • Plan their own menu
  • Practice mindful eating, grounding, and gratitude

Coming Soon!

  • Around the Table for Dads 
  • Around the Table for ECE
  • Around the Table Master Train the Trainer

Training Description

Become an Around the Table facilitator and bring cooking and nutrition programming to youth and caregivers in your community through a trauma-informed approach. 

After successfully completing Around the Table, you will:

  • Be able to create safe spaces for people to engage in personal and group reflection.
  • Understand the impact positive and negative experiences make on nourishment.
  • Feel comfortable using trauma-informed strategies when working with youth.
  • Gain access to the Around the Table Implementer network.
Training Details for Around the Table

This course is free for CFHL- funded agencies. What does this mean?


Educators working with young adults and/or adult caregivers. Please note, if an agency has multiple participants, each participant must register separately to gain access to our online training system.

Training Format

Self-Paced + Virtual

Please Note:

If an agency has multiple participants, each participant must register separately to gain access to our online training system.

Training Customizations

Leah’s Pantry offers a variety of customizable training options. Contact us to learn more. 


“This was an excellent training. I am thrilled that nearly our whole organization attended ...The training provided words to many of the things I've felt for a long time. Thank you! Excellent job, all around!”
Around the Table Training Participant
“Overall I thought the training was great! It definitely made me rethink the way I facilitate classes and how I can improve in making them a welcoming and safe space for everyone.”
Around the Table Training Participant
“This training was wonderful. It was insightful and engaging - every...part of this training had a purpose - nothing was there just to fill time or space. The facilitators were authentic and honest when facilitating and when sharing their own experience... I am so excited to put this training into practice...! THANK YOU!!”
Around the Table Training Participant
Great combination of information and practice/implementing. I felt like I learned so much about my own ways of regulating and dealing with stress. I liked the balance of independent learning and group training format.
Around the Table Training Participant

Around the Table workshops in California

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