Trauma, Resilience, and Nourishment
Trauma, Resilience, and Nourishment

Trauma, Resilience, and Nourishment

Program Overview

This course sets the foundation for future Leah’s Pantry courses. Some historical context of food security and community nutrition approaches are introduced, followed by a discussion of the meaning of food in our lives, the role of trauma and adversity in individual and community relationships to food, and an overview of the stress response. Activities include videos, readings, and personal reflection opportunities. 

Training Description

This is an online, self-paced course, which includes videos, reflection activities, and readings. Participants will gain access to our learning management system to complete approximately two (2) hours of self-paced content. Registrants will receive an invitation to our online training system (Talent LMS) where they can complete this course.

Training Details for Trauma, Resilience, and Nourishment

For agency staff, volunteers, and community leaders. 

This course is available online on demand.
Please Note:

This training is already included, at no additional cost, in our certification programs for NPP, Around the Table, and Around the Table: Nourishing Families.

If an agency has multiple participants, each participant must register separately to gain access to our online training system.

Training Customizations

Leah’s Pantry offers a variety of customizable training options. Contact us to learn more. 


“Thank you all for the incredible work you are doing and for sharing it with others.”
Indiana TINS Participant
“I appreciated the encompassing aspects of the training! From the movement practices, break-out sessions, and information retrieval later on, KUDOS!”
Indiana TINS Participant
"The course forced me to investigate a part of my job I am not comfortable and/or familiar with. Breaking it down as you did made it seem a little bit more manageable/achievable. Thank you."
AZHZ TINS Participant