What We Do

What We Do

Reframing Conversations About Food Security

People in our communities deserve accesss to healthy food and nutrition education that:

  • Recognizes the effects of traumatic experiences 
  • Avoids blame, shaming, or stigma 
  • Promotes resilience 

We are passionate about educating community leaders to transform the lives of all people in their communities with nourishing, trauma-sensitive solutions.

Our Work

Leah’s Pantry envisions communities where everyone can cultivate a healthy relationship with food and their bodies.
We address nutrition security in four areas: 


Cultivate Nourished Communities

  • Offer programs where community members can build a resilient, multi-dimensional relationship with food and their bodies.
  • Deliver community- centered approaches to nutrition security.
  • Support connections between individual and planetary health.



Design and Build Innovative

  • We develop products and programs that support a multi-dimensional relationship with food and recognize participant’s wisdom and experience.
  • Evaluate programs for transformative change. 
  • Thoughtfully integrate community voice into program design and evaluation.

Catalyze Organizational

  • We deliver professional trainings that catalyze implementation of trauma-informed nutrition security principles and programs.
  • Cultivate peer-to-peer networks of program implementers.
  • Align internal organization processes, policies, and procedures with trauma-informed principles.

Impact Food and Health Systems

  • We aim to transform the understanding of nutrition security through speaking engagements, scholarship, conferences, and collaborations.
  • Promote adoption of trauma and nutrition security principles in county, state, and national policies and initiatives.
  • Work across settings and sectors to collaborate on models of equity and trauma-informed care.