Wiser Dining
Wiser Dining

Wiser Dining

Program Overview

Wiser Dining is a policy, systems, and environment (PSE) intervention for Congregate Meal sites with the goal of supporting a client-centered, health-promoting, positive experience for congregate meal site clients.  The program includes 1) a needs assessment in four focus areas;  2) goal-setting assistance to meet those needs;  3) resources, technical assistance, and training.  Focus areas of the intervention include client considerations, community connection, food & nutrition, and staff & volunteers.


    1. Site Overview and Needs Assessment

      • Schedule phone or site visit to review Wiser Dining process and answer questions
      • Complete Site Overview & Needs Assessment
      • Schedule regular (e.g. monthly) check-ins
    2. Goal Setting

      • Use the Site Overview & Needs Assessment responses to fill out the Wiser Dining Goal setting sheet
        • Indicate activities sites are fully or partially implementing and those that they would like to work on through the Wiser Dining program
        • Use “Other” to record activities sites are already doing or would like to do that are not listed
    3. Implementation

      • Use available resources to support implementation of Wiser Dining goals
      • Attend webinars and trainings
    4. Graduation

      • Complete work plan activities
      • Celebrate and share your Wiser Dining work with clients, staff, and the community

Become a Pilot County

Leah’s Pantry is looking for counties working with congregate meal sites to pilot and support the development of the Wiser Dining Program.  This opportunity allows implementers to provide feedback on existing resources and ideas for new resources based on county, site, and implementer needs.  Contact us to get started.