Body Connection
Body Connection

Body Connection

Program Overview

Body Connection is a series of six 30 minute mindful movement lessons designed to build a foundation for intrinsically-motivated care and nourishment of one’s own body. As part of a nutrition workshop or cooking demonstration, they help to engage the brain and body fully to enhance learning and enjoyment.

Mindful movement during the workshop:

  • Encourages a dynamic and energizing workshop experience
  • Regulates the body between cognitive activities 
  • Eases physical discomfort from sitting or stationary activities

Participants are encouraged to:

  • Practice body appreciation, awareness, mindfulness, and self-regulation
  • Learn simple movements to incorporate into daily life
  • Pay attention to the mechanics of their own bodies
  • Practice simple breathing techniques to support better mood and energy
  • Build sensory awareness 
  • Develop body literacy 
  • Understand the connection between movement, nourishment, and the body’s systems

Training Description

Training coming soon!

Training Customizations

Leah’s Pantry offers a variety of customizable training options. Contact us to learn more.