Trauma Informed Nutrition Security
Trauma Informed Nutrition Security

Trauma Informed Nutrition Security

Program Overview

Training Description

This unique training will explore what a trauma-informed approach is and how to apply it to direct education and PSE work.  Participants will:

  • Explore the relationship between positive and adverse experiences and nourishment
  • Learn the basic process and principles of a trauma-informed approach
  • Explore how your PSE programs and direct education can be grounded in trauma-informed principles.
  • Engage in individual and group reflection and practice applying principles to your work.
Training Details for Trauma Informed Nutrition Security

CFHL staff who implement or supervise nutrition direct education or PSE programs and want to learn how to take trauma-informed approach.

Please Note:

If an agency has multiple participants, each participant must register separately so that their registration email address can then be added to our online training system.

This course can be included in the certification program for Around the Table facilitation and does not need to be purchased separately.

Prerequisite: Trauma Basics and the Relationship to Nourishmentincluded with this course (no need to purchase it separately)

Training Customizations

Leah’s Pantry offers a variety of customizable training options. Contact us to learn more.