Thankful for the Learning Collaborative Participants!

Thankful for the Learning Collaborative Participants!

In 2020 we launched the first Leah’s Pantry Learning Collaborative bringing together organizations across San Diego County for virtual trauma-informed education seminars. Course training included a mixture of live content, group breakout sessions, homework assignments, and a final project presentation that aligned with trauma-informed principles.

Here are a few comments from some of the participants:

The material was engaging, the teachers were beyond proficient and welcoming, but the high point was sharing this material with my colleagues and them being so excited about the material that we have now scheduled regular TI trainings!”

Thank you—the quality and thoughtfulness of this program was certainly beneficial. Your presenters and the content of the programs was very high quality. Thank you!”‘

You ladies were phenomenal. I would have put criticism of the program down if I could find any, but the dedication and proficiency you share in this material was reflected by every lesson!”  

Help us continue to offer innovative programming for our community and donate to Leah’s Pantry this #givingtuesday—December 1, 2020.