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Save the Food California EcoChallenge Webinar07/20/2023View Recording

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Grant Writing for Pantries Webinar05/11/2023View Recording
Mindful Eating- bring a treat to taste!Listen Now!Listen
Mindful NourishmentListen Now!Listen
An Introduction to Leah’s Pantry Site-Based PSE Webinar02/22/2023View Recording
Food Smarts Curriculum Updates Webinar05/17/2022View Recording
Wiser Dining Webinar: Opportunities for PSE's in Congregate Meal Sites04/07/2022View Recording
Gardening & Cooking with Farmer Allison —In partnership with Sherman Elementary and Burbank Elementary Schools in San Diego02/24/2022Watch on YouTube
How to Use EatFresh.org02/24/2022View Recording
Nutrition Pantry Program Implementer Stories10/21/2021View Recording
Virtual Direct Education During COVID-19: Implementation06/18/2020View Recording
Virtual Direct Education During COVID-19: Marketing/Promotion06/11/2020View Recording
Virtual Direct Education During COVID-19: Planning06/04/2020View Recording
Using in Food Pantry Education & The Nutrition Pantry Program09/26/2019View Recording
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Using to Reduce Household Food Waste05/16/2019View Recording
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Delicious Meals Featuring Canned, Frozen, and Shelf-Stable Foods04/18/2019View Recording
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Supporting Older Adults with EatFresh.org03/21/2019View Recording
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IWP Support: Including, Food Smarts, and the Nutrition Pantry Program (NPP)02/21/2019View Recording
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Using for Group Cooking and Demonstrations09/20/2018
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Using the Mini Course with Staff and Volunteers08/09/2018View Recording
Download Slides for County Welfare Departments05/27/2018View Recording
Download Slides for Nutrition Educators11/16/2017View Recording
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Healthy Meetings and Celebrations with EatFresh.org09/14/2017View Recording
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Engaging Seniors with EatFresh.org06/15/2017View Recording
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Intro to Online Tools12/09/2016View Recording
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Engaging Teens and Youth with EatFresh.org09/22/2016View Recording
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