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We envision communities where everyone can cultivate a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. We deliver upon these values in the following areas: curriculum, community-based, capacity building, and web tools. Find the program that best suits you and the community you serve.

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Around the Table

Food Smarts

Food Smarts Waste Reduction

Capacity Building Programs and Trainings

Trauma-Informed Nutrition Security

Trauma, Resilience, and Nourishment

Trauma-Informed Care in Garden Education

The Learning Collaborative

Building Nourishing Pantries

Web Tools


The EatFresh.org Mini Course

Community-Based Programs

The Nutrition Pantry Program

Wiser Dining-Coming Soon

About the Learning Collaborative

Join us in our highly interactive capacity-building program! We work simultaneously with 10 organizational teams to implement a specific program/project of their choice and align it with trauma-informed principles. 

Over the course of 12 weeks, your team will: 

  • Increase capacity to implement trauma-informed community nutrition program that combines trauma and resilience science. 
  • Strengthen relationships among community-based organizations. 
  • Enhance trauma-informed organizational processes within participating organizations. 
  • Work in organizational teams to plan, develop, and implement team projects. 
Learning Collaborative Session Dates

Contact us to enroll and find out when the next learning collaborative will be. 

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