Building Nourishing Pantries

Building Nourishing Pantries


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Training Objectives: In this training, participants will:

  • Develop an understanding of how positive and adverse experiences (including trauma and toxic stress) affect individual and community relationships to food and dietary health.
  • Learn the basic process and principles of a trauma-informed approach and how to apply it to pantry work
  • Learn actionable steps that you can take to create client and community centered food distributions
  • Collaboratively explore what role food pantries have in supporting community food security.

Audience: Food bank and pantry staff and volunteers, University Extension professionals, NPP implementers, and others that work in food distributions or food security.

Prerequisite: None

Training Hours: Participants will complete two hours of online, self-paced work, which will open at the end of August. Participants will also attend two live Zoom sessions, held on September 6 and September 13 from 10am-12pm PST.

Note for CalFresh Healthy Living Participants:  Please visit the new CFHL Statewide Training platform to register for this training.  Email CFHLStatewideTraining@leahspantry.org if you need assistance.